The arrival of the Microsoft Kinect, at $150 per unit and 8M sales in two months, has triggered an imaging revolution. Many people believe that this is the beginning of a new and deeper relationship between computer vision and consumer electronics. Affordable depth cameras are changing the landscape of vision-related research, across a range of domains, including robotics, HCI and other applications.

The aim of this workshop is to explore recent progress in computer vision with depth cameras. It is also time to take stock of the past five years of work in this field, by evaluating different algorithms. This workshop will help the community to understand the benefits and challenges of depth cameras, and to be prepared for the next generation of these devices.

Important Dates

Submission of full papers 28.06.2014
Notification of acceptance   25.07.2014
Submission of camera ready papers for ECCV USB proceedings 27.07.2014
Submission of camera ready papers for LNCS proceedings tbd
Workshop September 6, 2014


Apr, 8. 2014 Web-Page launched
Apr, 28. 2014 Dates announced
Jun, 20. 2014 Deadline extended!
Aug, 8. 2014 Program announced


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