Find below a selection of datasets maintained by us. All data is only for research purposes, unless stated differently. Please make sure to reference the authors properly when using the data.

Biwi Kinect Head Pose Database

Over 15K images of 20 people recorded with a Kinect while turning their heads around freely. For each frame, depth and rgb images are provided, together with ground in the form of the 3D location of the head and its rotation angles.

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BIWI 3D Audiovisual Corpus of Affective Communication - B3D(AC)^2

The corpus contains high quality dynamic (25 fps) 3D scans of faces recorded while pronouncing a set of English sentences. Affective states were induced by showing emotional video clips to the speakers. The data has been annotated by tracking all frames using a generic face template, segmenting the speech signal into single phonemes, and evaluating the emotions conveyed by the recorded sequences by means of an online survey.

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BIWI Walking Pedestrians dataset

Walking pedestrians in busy scenarios from a bird eye view. Manually annotated. Data used for training in our ICCV09 paper "You'll Never Walk Alone: Modeling Social Behavior for Multi-target Tracking"

ETHZ Shape Classes

A dataset for testing object class detection algorithms. It contains 255 test images and features five diverse shape-based classes (apple logos, bottles, giraffes, mugs, and swans).

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ETHZ Extended Shape Classes

The Extended ETHZ shape classes is a larger database of shape categories, created by merging ETHZ shape classes with Konrad Schindler's 4x50 closed shapes. This is (almost) a superset of each of the two older databases. Please refer to the README for details on the differences and how to use the new larger dataset.

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ETH Face Pose Range Image Data Set

Range images of faces with ground truth used in our CVPR'08 paper "Real-Time Face Pose Estimation from Single Range Images".

Dataset used in our CVPR '07 paper "Dynamic 3D Scene Analysis from a Moving Vehicle"

The sequence contains 1175 stereo camera pairs acquired with setup mounted on top of a moving vehicle. The stereo setup has a fixed baseline, and the cameras are calibrated internally and with respect to each other.

"Central" Pedestrian Crossing Sequences

Three pedestrian crossing sequences used in our ICCV'07 paper. Each sequence comes with ground-truth bounding box annotations for the objects to be tracked, as well as a camera calibration. The annotation files for the pedestrian crossing sequences contain bounding box annotations for every fourth frame.

Dataset used in our ICCV '07 paper "Depth and Appearance for Mobile Scene Analysis"

The set was recorded in Zurich, using a pair of cameras mounted on a mobile platform. It contains 12'298 annotated pedestrians in roughly 2'000 frames.

Zurich Buildings Database

The goal of the ZuBuD Image Database is to share image data sets with researcheres around the world. To facilitate this, we have created this site, which contains over 1005 images about Zurich city building. The detail information about the database can be found on our Technical Report:TR-260.

We will be adding new data to this site as time permits. Furthermore, we will now accept datasets from other researchers, to add to our archive. If you would like to contribute for this, please contact Hao Shao. The full sized images themselves are stored in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

tar-gzipped (486MB)
Created: April 2003
ZuBuD Query Images
tar-gzipped (3,1MB)
Ground truth mapping (txt)
Created: April 2003

Another 53 objects database

Created: April 2003

4D MRI data

The data contains dynamic sagittal 2D images acquired during free breathing. More specifically

  • the motion fields for different breathing cycles of different subjects. Point trajectories for isotropic grids of 15mm and 5mm are provided in both plain text and binary format.
  • a reconstructed MRI volume per subject at exhalation in Analyze (*.hdr/img), Dicom (*.dcm) and MATLAB (*.mat) format.

4D MRI lung data

The data contains full 4D-MRI data of two test subjects. For each subject there are

  • 200 3D timesteps,
  • segmentation mask of left and right lungs,
  • 3D B-Spline registration results in ITK format for all 200 timesteps
available. There's also code to be able to read in our registration results. These datasets were used in our publication available here.

If you use any of our data in your work please cite
Boye, D. et al. - Population based modeling of respiratory lung motion and prediction from partial information - Proc. SPIE 8669, Medical Imaging 2013: Image Processing, 86690U (March 13, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2007076.

ETHZ Personal Event Collection

A data set for recognition of events in personal photo collections. It contains more than 61'000 images in 807 collections, annotated with 14 diverse social event classes.

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2D ultrasound sequences of the liver

Nine 2D ultrasound sequences of the liver of healthy volunteers were acquired during free breathing over a period of 5-10 min. Please refer to the following publications:

Download: Sequences and data details

Food 101


A data set for recognition of pictured dishes. It contains 101 food categories with in total 101'000 images.

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ETHZ RueMonge 2014

Semantical 3D models, e.g. of cities are usually derived from classifying 2D images. The 3D challenge pushes the frontiers on 3D modelling and 3D semantic classification. This dataset consists of 700 meters along a street annotated with pixel-level labels for facade details such as windows, doors, balconies, roof, etc. It is the largest and most detailed dataset available including a dense surface and semantic labels for urban classes.

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