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On this page we will make available information about administrative issues. Since this site still under construction, it will take some time to fill it. But we are happy about any ideas and suggestions what can be integrated in addition.








When planning a business travel, please consider the information given in the following file. Thanks!

Information Sheet Travels (122.0 KB)


Business expenses- How to?

Here you can find a short guideline for business expenses in the system of ETHIS. Please contact the secretariat with any questions regarding business expenses.

Guidelines_business_expenses (385.7 KB)


ETHZ rules for business expenses:

ETHZ Business expenses (805.1 KB)


Orientation Guide for new CVL members


Orientation Guide (102.0 KB)



Information for PhD students


Helpful Links






Preparation of dissertation:


General ETH-rules



Application Form (142.6 KB)

Approval Supervision (126.3 KB)

Implementation Provisions ETH (123.3 KB)

Implementation Provisions ITET (German) (104.0 KB)

Ordinance doctoral studies (99.4 KB)