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Journal Articles

1. Wen Li,  Zheng Xu,  Dong Xu,  Dengxin Dai,  Luc Van Gool,  "Domain Generalization and Adaptation using Low Rank Exemplar SVMs",  IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T-PAMI), 2017, in press
2. D. Dai and R. Timofte and L. Van Gool,  "Jointly Optimized Regressors for Image Super-resolution",  Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 34,  No. 2,  pp. 95-104, 2015

Conference Papers

1. K. Vanhoey,  C.E. Porto de Oliveira,  H. Riemenschneider,  A. Bodis-Szomoru,  S. Manen,  D.P. Paudel,  M. Gygli,  N. Kobyshev,  T. Kroeger,  D. Dai,  L. Van Gool,  "VarCity – the Video : the Struggles and Triumphs of Leveraging Fundamental Research Results in a Graphics Video Production",  proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Talks , August 2017
2. Kenneth Vanhoey,  Carlos Eduardo Porto de Oliveira,  Hayko Riemenschneider,  András Bódis-Szomorú,  Santiago Manén,  Danda Pani Paudel,  Michael Gygli,  Nikolay Kobyshev,  Till Kroeger,  Dengxin Dai,  Luc Van Gool,  "VarCity-the video: the struggles and triumphs of leveraging fundamental research results in a graphics video production",  ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Talks,  2017
3. Radu Timofte and Eirikur Agustsson and Luc Van Gool and Ming-Hsuan Yang and Lei Zhang and Bee Lim and Sanghyun Son and Heewon Kim and Seungjun Nah and Kyoung Mu Lee and Xintao Wang and Yapeng Tian and Ke Yu and Yulun Zhang and Shixiang Wu and Chao Dong and Liang Lin and Yu Qiao and Chen Change Loy and Woong Bae and Jaejun Yoo and Yoseob Han and Jong Chul Ye and Jae-Seok Choi and Munchurl Kim and Yuchen Fan and Jiahui Yu and Wei Han and Ding Liu and Haichao Yu and Zhangyang Wang and Honghui Shi and Xinchao Wang and Thomas S. Huang and Yunjin Chen and Kai Zhang and Wangmeng Zuo and Zhimin Tang and Linkai Luo and Shaohui Li and Min Fu and Lei Cao and Wen Heng and Giang Bui and Truc Le and Ye Duan and Dacheng Tao and Ruxin Wang and Xu Lin and Jianxin Pang and Jinchang Xu and Yu Zhao and Xiangyu Xu and Jinshan Pan and Deqing Sun and Yujin Zhang and Xibin Song and Yuchao Dai and Xueying Qin and Xuan-Phung Huynh and Tiantong Guo and Hojjat Seyed Mousavi and Tiep Huu Vu and Vishal Monga and Cristovao Cruz and Karen Egiazarian and Vladimir Katkovnik and Rakesh Mehta and Arnav Kumar Jain and Abhinav Agarwalla and Ch V Sai Praveen and Ruofan Zhou and Hongdiao Wen and Che Zhu and Zhiqiang Xia and Zhengtao Wang and Qi Guo,  "NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results",  The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2017) Workshops, July 2017
4. S. Manen,  M. Gygli,  D. Dai,  L. Van Gool,  "PathTrack: Fast Trajectory Annotation with Path Supervision",  International Conference on Computer Vision, October 2017
5. Yifei Wang,  Wen Li,  Dengxin Dai,  Luc Van Gool,  "Deep Domain Adaptation by Geodesic Distance Minimization",  ICCV Workshops on Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge in Computer Vision (TASK-CV), October 2017, in press
6. D. Dai and Y. Wang and Y. Chen and L. Van Gool,  "Is Image Super-resolution Helpful for Other Vision Tasks?",  IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, February 2016
7. Santiago Manen and Radu Timofte and Dengxin Dai and Luc Van Gool,  "Leveraging single for multi-target tracking using a novel trajectory overlap affinity measure",  IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV 2016), March 2016
8. Till Kroeger and Radu Timofte and Dengxin Dai and Luc Van Gool,  "Fast Optical Flow using Dense Inverse Search",  14th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2016), September 2016
9. Wen Li and Dengxin Dai and Mingkui Tan and Dong Xu and Luc Van Gool,  "Fast Algorithms for Linear and Kernel SVM+",  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), July 2016
10. Y. Chen,  D. Dai,  J. Pont-Tuset,  and L. Van Gool,  "Scale-Aware Alignment of Hierarchical Image Segmentation",  CVPR,  2016
11. Dengxin Dai,  Till Kroeger,  Radu Timofte,  Luc Van Gool.,  "Metric Imitation by Manifold Transfer for Efficient Vision Applications",  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,  2015
12. Till Kroeger and Dengxin Dai and Radu Timofte and Luc Van Gool,  "Discovery of Sets of Mutually Orthogonal Vanishing Points in Videos",  WACV Workshop - Benchmarking Multi-Target Tracking (BMTT), January 2015
13. Till Kroeger,  Dengxin Dai,  Luc Van Gool,  "Joint Vanishing Point Extraction and Tracking",  Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition,  2015
14. D. Dai,  H. Riemenschneider,  and L. Van Gool,  "The Synthesizability of Texture Examples",  CVPR , June 2014
15. M. Yang,  D. Dai,  L. Shen,  and L. Van Gool,  "Latent Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation based Classification",  CVPR, June 2014
16. D. Dai and L. Van Gool ,  "Ensemble Projection for Semi-supervised Image Classification ",  ICCV, December 2013
17. D. Dai,  H. Riemenschneider,  G. Schmitt,  and L. Van Gool,  "Example-based Facade Texture Synthesis",  ICCV, December 2013
18. D. Dai and M. Prasad and G. Schmitt and L. Van Gool,  "Learning Domain Knowledge for Facade Labeling",  ECCV,  2012
19. D. Dai and M. Prasad and L. Van Gool,  "Ensemble Partitioning for Unsupervised Image Categorization",  ECCV,  2012

Technical Reports

1. D. Dai and L. Van Gool,  "Unsupervised High-level Feature Learning by Ensemble Projection for Semi-supervised Image Classification and Image Clustering",  Computer Vision Lab, ETH Zuerich,  May 2015