Acquisition and Modelling of Respiratory Organ Motion

Objective: The main goal of this project is to develop methods for the acquisition and modelling of respiratory organ motion and its intra-subject and inter-subject variability. Such realistic motion data are required to improve proton therapy planning in the presence of organ motion. For example, different dose delivery methodologies can be compared with respect to sensitivity to organ motion. The developed 4DMRI method can capture breathing and its variability without using ionising radiation. Together with motion estimation by non-rigid registration, this permits for the first time to study the variability of respiratory motion over tens of minutes and provides valuable knowledge for numerous other treatments such as motion correction in radiofrequency (RF) tumor ablation or gating in MR guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS).


Participants: Dr. Martin von Siebenthal, Prof. Philippe Cattin, Prof. em. Gabor Szekely


Division of Radiation Medicine, PSI Institute of Biomedical Engineering, ETHZ/USZ