Miniature triaxial force and biaxial torque sensor

We are developing a force/torque sensor that can measure forces in three dimensions (3 DoF) and torques in two dimensions (2 DoF). The size of the sensor is diameter of Ø4 [mm] and height is 4.5 [mm]. The sensor will be placed in haptic recording glove, medical robots and other biomedical equipment.

The working principle of the sensor is piezoelectric. We were able to develop a prototype with which we demonstrated the separation between the force axes a minimum resolution of 0.01 [N] and a full scale of 4 [N]. Currently we are developing improved signal conditioning and processing, improved mechanical design and integration of the force sensor with a magnetic tracking system Aurora made by NDI. Our goal is to manufacture a sensing glove that has four force sensors and four magnetic tracking coils. In addition we are looking for new applications for the sensor in the field of medical tools, endoscopy and robotics.

Participants: Prof. em. Gabor Szekely, Dr. Gabor Kosa, Dr. Peter Baki