X-ray Images of a Pelvis Phantom Acquired at Different Orientations and Positions

Here you can download the x-ray images we made for validating our method for measuring the migration (displacement) of artificial hip sockets. The images are acquired in a hospital, using a standard x-ray system, and scanned afterwards.

The pelvis bone (real) is mounted on a calibration cage containing 4 mm diameter metal spheres (see white circles in the images) in order to determine the exact position of the film relative to the focus. Please write to tribur@vision.ee.ethz.ch if you want to know the 3D positions of the spheres.

The nuts you can see in the images are fixed to the examination table and used to correct the images for the rotation and translation of the films in the cassette and in the scanner. A small iron bar (2.15mm x 3.43mm x 14.85mm) and three tantalum balls with a diameter of 0.8 mm (see the very small white spots next to cup) are implanted in the bone to test the improvement of the method in case of artificial bone markers. Their 3D positions are not known precisely.


  1. Distance x-ray source--film: 135cm

  2. Central beam: directed to film center

  3. Voltage: 73kV

  4. Dose: 7mAs

  5. Pixel resolution: 300 dpi, 12 bit

  6. Pelvis translation and rotation (relative to img01):

    image translation [mm]rotation around[degree]cup migration
    medio-lateralcranio-caudalmedio-lateral axiscranio-caudal axis
    img010.0 0.0
    img020.0 37.42
    img030.0 -37.26
    img040.0 -0.08
    img05-29.58 -0.08
    img06-15.0 -0.08
    img0715.06 -0.08
    img0830.0 -0.08
    img090.38 -0.08
    img10 -- -- 0.0-1.090.0
    img11 -- -- 0.0-2.190.0
    img12 -- --
    img13 -- --
    img14 -- --
    img15 -- -- 0.04.380.0
    img160.38 -0.08
    img17 -- --
    img18 -- -- 4.380.00.0
    img19 -- -- 6.570.00.0
    img20 -- -- -
    img21 -- -- -4.390.00.0
    img22 -- -- -6.600.00.0
    img230.38 -0.08
    img24 -- -- 2.19-1.090.0
    img25 -- -- 2.19-2.190.0
    img26 -- -- -2.19-1.090.0
    img27 -- -- -
    img28 -- -- -2.191.10to guess


Please click with right mouse button on image name to download (attention, the images are quite big, about 20MB)

img01.tif.gz img02.tif.gz img03.tif.gz img04.tif.gz
img05.tif.gz img06.tif.gz img07.tif.gz img08.tif.gz
img09.tif.gz img10.tif.gz img11.tif.gz img12.tif.gz
img13.tif.gz img14.tif.gz img15.tif.gz img16.tif.gz
img17.tif.gz img18.tif.gz img19.tif.gz img20.tif.gz
img21.tif.gz img22.tif.gz img23.tif.gz img24.tif.gz
img25.tif.gz img26.tif.gz img27.tif.gz img28.tif.gz

If you need more information please ask tribur@vision.ee.ethz.ch.

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