Zurich Building Image Database

The goal of the ZuBuD Image Database is to share image data sets with researcheres around the world. To facilitate this, we have created this site, which contains over 1005 images about Zurich city building. The detail information about the database can be found on our Technical Report:TR-260.

We will be adding new data to this site as time permits. Furthermore, we will now accept datasets from other researchers, to add to our archive. If you would like to contribute for this, please contact Hao Shao. The full sized images themselves are stored in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

The Technical Report gives more detailinformation.

tar-gzipped (486MB)
Created: April 2003
ZuBuD Query Images
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Created: April 2003
Another 53 objects database
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Created: April 2003