ParaView Plugins

This is a set of different plugins for ParaView. I mostly used these plugins for visualization of graph structures (vascular networks).

  • VesselTubeFilter
    Renders cylinder/cone/arrow at edges, glyph radius can be set manually (constant) or dynamically as defined by vertex/edge attribute
  • PointSphereFilter
    Renders sphere centered at vertices, radius either fixed or specified by vertex attribute
  • ThresholdPointsFilter
    Apply threshold to vtkPolyData with respect to point attributes (Paraview only supports thresholding based on edge attributes as of v4.2)
  • Quiver
    Quiver plots from 3-D image stacks for visualization of vector fields, for instance.
  • Centered slice representation
    Visualize 2-D slices of image stacks located at voxel centers. ParaView's slice representation results in distorted voxels, see here (ParaView mailing list).

ITK/VTK wrappers for Matlab

This is a set of wrapper functions to use ITK/VTK from within Matlab. You can use the included CMake file to build the mex files on your system. At this point there are only very few ITK/VTK functions implemented in the toolbox. Still, you might want to use it as a stub to easily implement your own wrappers.

Overview of implemented wrappers:

  • Reading/writing image data (itkImageFileReader)
  • Linear filtering with Gaussian and Gaussian derivatives kernels (itkDiscreteGaussianImageFilter)
  • 3-D connected component labeling (itk::ConnectedComponentImageFilter)
  • Mean filter (itkMeanImageFilter)
  • Sobel filter (itkSobelEdgeDetectionImageFilter)
  • Morphological operation (itkBinary[Dilate|Erode]ImageFilter, itkBinaryMorphological[Closing|Opening]ImageFilter
  • Multiscale vesselness filter (itkHessian3DToVesselnessMeasureImageFilter)
  • Import/Export graph structures (vtkPolyDataReader)

SliceViewer for Matlab

This is a simple GUI to explore 3-D image stacks in Matlab. The GUI allows to overlay binary (segmentation) masks and to do simple analysis on the image stacks.


AudioLab v1.0

AudioLab provides a simple GUI to do basic analysis of audio signals and Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF). I developed this piece of software in Java for a research project (Facharbeit) in my final year at highschool (Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf, Germany). A more detailed description and documentation from 2004 can be found here (German only, sorry!).

Matthias Schneider. Untersuchungen zu digitalisierten Signalen und deren Frequenzanalyse. Facharbeit aus der Physik, Leibniz-Gynasium Altdorf, 2004.