Andres Felipe Romero Vergara

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Academic Guest in CVL, ETH Zurich

SMIT: Stochastic Multi-Label Image-to-Image Translation

Cross-domain mapping has been a very active topic in recent years. Given one image, its main purpose is to translate it to the desired target domain, or multiple domains in the case of multiple labels. This problem is highly challenging due to three main reasons: (i) unpaired datasets, (ii) multiple attributes, and (iii) the multimodality associated with the translation. Most of the existing state-of-the-art has focused only on two reasons, ie. producing disentangled representations from unpaired datasets in a one-to-one domain translation or producing multiple unimodal attributes from unpaired datasets. In this work, we propose a joint framework of diversity and multi-mapping image-to-image translations, using a single generator to conditionally produce countless and unique fake images that hold the underlying characteristics of the source image. Extensive experiments over different datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach with comparisons to the state-of-the-art in both multi-label and multimodal problems. Additionally, our method is able to generalize under different scenarios: continuous style interpolation, continuous label interpolation, and multi-label mapping. BIO: Andres Felipe is a PhD student in Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes. His interests are on the field of artificial intelligence and computer vision. His research is focused on automated facial expression recognition and, more broadly, on affective computing. Along with Prof. Pablo Arbelaez, he has been awarded three consecutive times by the Google Research Awards for Latin America with our project ”Learning Dynamic Action Units for Three-dimensional Facial Expression Recognition”. Andres is particularly interested in leveraging deep learning techniques, generative adversarial networks, and visual reasoning for a better automated facial expression understanding. Currently, Andres is an academic Guest in CVL, ETH Zurich working with Dr. Radu Timofte and Prof. Luc Van Gool. In this talk, Andres will be presenting his recent work conducted at CVL, which is also submitted to CVPR19. You can find a video about Felipe's previous work below: