What is Recluse

ReCluSe is a self-help reading group where everybody is contributing with questions, answers, comments and observations.

Where and When

ReCluSe usually takes place every Wednesday in room ETF/C106. Meetings might be suspended or moved in some circumstances (e.g. holidays, deadlines, time overlaps).

Current Status

ReCluSe is available in many forms. Some are held with papers/books from major computer vision conferences, others with general deep learning literature. Please inquire from your professor.


A paper is selected by the ReCluSe participants. Every member of ReCluSe can propose a paper to read. When one paper session has been completed, a new voting takes place and a new set of papers is selected.

ReCluSe IS NOT a lecture. Participants MUST read the paper in the days before the meeting. At the meeting we won't read the paper, but go through its main insights, for example page by page, and stop whenever there is a question from a member of the group. The idea is that when someone did not understand a point, he/she directly asks a question. Chances are, that someone else understood that point, and can answer. Ideally, this will cause the collective understanding to be the 'set union' of the individual's understanding.