In-Hand 3D Scanning

Objective: Tracking of articulated objects is a task as attractive as it is challenging. Attractive because it can be applied to many applications such as motion capture, Human-Computer Interaction, animation, and medical diagnosis. The task is also challenging, especially when , the computation time has to kept low: the more degrees of freedom the object has, the more difficult this is. Furthermore, in a high dimensional space, many ambiguities may arise. In our research we focus on the hands, where we combine on-line 3D scans with monocular imagery (contour information). The background can be cluttered and the hands may hold an object. For every frame of a video, a detailed hand pose incl. the angles of all finger digits is extracted.

Participants: Dr. Matthieu Bray, Prof. Luc Van Gool, Dr. Henning Hamer