Student supervision

I regularly have the chance to supervise motivated students for projects in various areas. If you are a student of ETH Zurich and interested in working with me, please get in touch.

Current students

Ana Garcia Del Molino, NTU Singapore

Personalized Video summarization (Internship, currently a PhD student)

Past students

Vasudevan Arun Balajee, ETH Lausanne

Deep textual-visual embeddings (Master thesis, now PhD student @ ETH Zurich)

Sai Srivatsa R, IIT Kharagpur

Visual Interestingness and Image Collection Summarisation

Seonwook Park, ETH Zurich

Automatic image cropping on a mobile phone  (Supervised together with Dengxin Dai)

Nino Hail, ETH Zurich

Video Summarization using Web Images for Finding Video Highlights 

Anna Volokitin, Imperial College London

Predicting When Observers Look at Similar Image Locations (Master thesis, now PhD student @ ETH Zurich)

Alexander Theler, ETH Zurich

Video Summarization from User-defined Keyframes